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Decreasing teh app size for AppStore

LecLec UAMember

We have the big IPA (about 80 mb, having about 60 mb binary) build in Xamarin. When submitting this to AppStore we've got the message the the app will be unpacked for AppStore and the size will be about 140 mb (that will not allow users to download the app via cellular networs, only WiFi). We've decided to use bitcode to decrease the size of the app for downloading for each platform. So here are few questions:
1. How do you think - will it help?
2. How can we enable bitcode support for iPhone app? (we see this option in Xamarin only for TVOS apps)
3. Could you please share any ideas how to resolve this? (we've already deleted everything that is not used - assets and so on)
Thanks in advance

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