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What does it mean open source?

JasmineCodingJasmineCoding SEMember
edited July 2016 in Community

I'm confused. What does this mean. If I develop in an IDE like Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio, why should I consider to develop via command line?

Are there no redistributables in the SDK-Version included?

Where can we get the source code of the redistributables?

This is essential for the main open source licences!
This is the question of all questions.
Where to get the specific source code.


  • AndreasReiffAndreasReiff DEUniversity ✭✭

    You cannot really develop via command line, you need a text editor or IDE for that. For compiling and deploying, you can use command line, though the IDEs like Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio automate this, which makes it a lot easier.

    The rest of the question I only half understand. Looks like Xamarin code is open source, like it is quoted on the first link you are giving.

    Why are you interested in it being open source? Are you really planning to either fully (or partially) understand it by looking at the source code, in modifying it, or are you interested in the license that you can publish your apps under? Since the second one is completely independent.

    I think Microsoft is pushing big for open source, so there are loads of code files to vade through for anyone having the time and being inclined to do so.

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