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Xamarin Forms UWP DatePicker Win32 exception

DylanWDylanW USMember ✭✭

Hello All,

I am building a Xamarin Forms application that uses a datepicker. The problem is as follows:

I have a page (page 2) with the datepicker with the date property bound to the view model. I also have another page (page 1) where I have a listview with the date in it from page 2. When I select a date from the picker that is not today (past or future) and I click to save the record with that date, it displays fine on page 1. The problem arises when I click on that list item to navigate back to page 2 to edit the record, when page 2 tries to set its binding context I get an Win32 exception and the app just crashes (See Image). There is no exception detail it just crashes. Note: This only happens with the UWP app. It doesn't happen with the Android or iOS apps.

It should also be noted that if I do the scenario above and I select today's date (DateTime.Now.Date) it works just fine. It's like UWP doesn't like the past or future. :)

If you need any more info. I could probably put together a sample app.



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