Clean unneeded usings


Is there a way to automatically clean unused usings in your project?

For example: in IntelliJ IDEA you can select a folder and right click on it and select "optimize imports", which cleans all the unused imports from your files.. A very handy tool, which I can't find in Xamarin Studio.

So my question: Is this feature hidden somewhere because I can't find it.

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  • betimbetim ALMember, University ✭✭

    Try SlightlySharper from Add-in Manager in studio.

  • WouterDSWouterDS BEMember

    @BetimDrenica, looks promising! I've installed it, but I can't find the key binding like the readme on Github says..

    "After installation, you can find additional keybinding(s) in 'Edit' -> 'Preferences' -> 'Keybinding' -> Schemes. The first one added is 'IDEA'."

  • betimbetim ALMember, University ✭✭

    @WouterDS are you using Visual Studio too?

  • WouterDSWouterDS BEMember

    @BetimDrenica: Nope, I'm on Mac.

  • betimbetim ALMember, University ✭✭

    @WouterDS personally, hope Xamarin & JetBrains will do smth to bring Resharper in Studio.
    Now infrastructure is ready while studio has an add-in scheme, I think.

  • mhutchmhutch USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    If you have source analysis enabled, you can do this for each file, though you can't do it for the whole project at once.

  • WouterDSWouterDS BEMember

    Man, I'm looking forward to do that 200 times.

  • MikeKrgerMikeKrger DEXamarin Team, Beta Xamurai

    We're working on letting run such refactorings on the whole project. But source analysis is our 'spare time' project - we're not announcing it officially.

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