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Failed to compile the Generated registrar code

prince777prince777 USMember

Failed to compile the Generated registrar code.

First, let me explain, how I usually take the build....

OS and Software Used:
1. Using Visual Studio 2015 (Windows 10)
2. Mac retina Xcode 7.2.1

I used to take the build using my Windows 10 machine by connecting the mac has host service.

This is the regular pattern I used to take the build and it usually generates IPA file successfully without any issue.

Problem Started occurring :

After I Updated my Xamarin Studio to 6.0.1 and the respect other updates... from that point the build is failing during exactly at the time of IPA file creation, that means I was able to see other files are getting generated (like all supporting .dll's and

Exact log from my Visual Studio 2015 during building IPA file, same you can see it in the log.

Possible Steps I tried:
1. restarted my Windows Machine and mac machine.
2. updated Xamarin (In Visual Studio 2015)
3. Xamarin.iOS

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