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Hello community,

I would like to start with Xamarin and I'm new to this forum.

I got now answers to my initial questions until now, so I will try it here.

I'm a little bit confused about Xamarin and its license models.
So will try to get more clearness.

  1. I'm a single developer and want to sell my apps developed with Xamarin/Xamarin Forms via Visual Studio Community.
    I want to distribute open source projects and closed source projects.

A) Do I need a commercial license for open source projects?
B) Do I need a commercial license for closed source projects?

  1. In which cases should I consider using IDE-compiled code or SDK-compiled Code to develop applications with Xamarin/Xamarin Forms?

  2. In the case I want to distribute open source, my code has to be GPL-complient (readable code).
    What about the redistributables?
    Are there source-versions available for the redistributables (github or anywhere else)?

  3. Are there no redistributables in the SDK-Version?

  4. In the case I have to buy any commercial license as single developer.
    What would be the prices?

Thank you very much for your assistence.

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