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Map pcl bug

MauroCMMauroCM USMember

I think I've found a bug.

In a content page I have a structure like this:<StackLayout> <StackLayout isVisible="{Binding MapVisible}"> <maps:Map x:Name="MyMap" /> </StackLayout> <StackLayout isVisible="{Binding TextVisible}"> </StackLayout> </StackLayout>My viewmodel set MapVisible = !TextVisible, and I have a button to switch them from true to false, so when the map is visible the text is not and viceversa.
If the map is initialized as visible there are no problems. But if I initialize the page to show text first, when I switch to map the zoom of the map is totally wrong (not 200m but more like 200km):var position = new Position(latitude, longitude); MyMap.MoveToRegion( MapSpan.FromCenterAndRadius( position, Distance.FromMeters(200)));Anyone noticed this problem?

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