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MonoDevelop only saving temporary project files

CalvinFisherCalvinFisher USMember
edited October 2012 in Xamarin.iOS

I am attempting to work around the Mac TFS limitations ( ) by working from a share on my main dev machine and checking in manually.

Both my main Windows dev machine and my dev Mac are on my company's domain and I am logged into each with the same user. Permissions do not seem to be an issue.

But every time I check in a project file in TFS, MonoDevelop stops saving to that project file and instead creates a hidden temp project file. So, I can create a new project just fine, open and close the solution, close and re-open MonoDevelop, and all changes to the project will be applied. But once I commit in TFS, MonoDevelop starts saving any changes to "MyProject.csproj" as ".#MyProject.csproj" which are lost without notification when I close the solution.

What might be causing this?

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