Swipe on TabbedPage don't work property

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I'm realizing my first Xamarin Forms app.
I need a TabbedPage so I used the TabbedPageDemo sample from Xamarin.
But it doesn't work property with my app.
With same code and same Xamarin Forms version the swipe doen't fire all the time.
Check the video I recorded, first app is the orignal sample, second app is my app with same code.
The yellow dot is my finger touching the screen.

Could-you help me? I don't understand the problem :/

Thank you very much


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    The swipe feature is not build in this TabbedPage control. You will have to write your own code to implement swipes in this Tabbed Page.

    Or you can go for the CarouselView control that has in build swipe behaviour.

  • QuentinScQuentinSc FRMember ✭✭

    But why with the same code it works in the sample?
    I'm agree it can work on iOs and Androidbut it's native on windows phone (pivot).

  • QuentinScQuentinSc FRMember ✭✭

    Hello, Sorry to up but I steel need help.
    It's because my bad English no body understand my problem?

    Thank you

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