August 16 - New York, NY: State of Union: Xamarin & Cross-Platform .NET in 2016 and Beyond

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Xamarin is a free & powerful toolset from Microsoft that allows developers to write truly native Android and iOS apps using C#, thanks to the Mono framework – an Open Source project that brings the C# language and .NET to other platforms. With Xamarin you can share from 70% to 100% of your code across mobile platforms, and the platform has evolved a lot over the last few years. This session starts with a recap on how you can build native cross-platform applications for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 using C#. You’ll learn how to get started with a sample cross-platform solution, which tools you can use, how to design a proper user interface for each platform and how to structure your projects for maximum code reuse. We’ll also look at how you can share UI code with Xamarin.Forms.

Beyond the basics, we’ll look at the world of Cross-Platform .NET, how Xamarin & Mono fit in, .NET Core and the new .NET Standard. We’ll also peek at some of the new features in the Xamarin Platform, including the Xamarin.Forms XAML Previewer, iOS Simulator for Windows, Workbooks and upcoming features landing this Fall. Whether you’re a Xamarin veteran or a complete newbie, this is a level-setting session you do not want to miss.

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