Xamarin for Max download VERY VERY slow

AshishSuvarnaAshishSuvarna USMember

Noticed Xamarin for Mac download is painfully slow.. Xamarin for Windows downloads are very quick.. Why is this happening and I see many people complaining about this but still unresolved.


  • Ya , facing same problem for windows also. Even though my broadband as considerably good speed its taking days to download a 300MB file

  • ReikLoeberReikLoeber USMember

    2.9GB to download with 25kb/s in middle. really? whats wrong with the download server?

  • JoseGuggiariJoseGuggiari USMember

    Aaaaaand it is painfully slow still.

  • John_John_ USMember ✭✭

    I'm also experiencing this for about 1,5 week now. All downloads (updates/nuget etc.) from Xamarin are slow. Other download sites, like Microsoft, are at normal top speed. Whats wrong here?

  • pixelasspixelass DEMember

    Sometimes I wonder why people even use software when issues like these don't get any attention. not a single response, so I suggest not using it at all.
    just my 5 cents. As long as people don't stop using it because of bugs the developers seem to not care. Stop using the product and the company will be forced to change things.

    I experienced this issue when installing visualStudio on OSX. I had to do this to test things for fellow developers. I would never use either software myself. Time is money and I have neither.


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