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Change segue direction

JohnNolanJohnNolan USMember
edited July 2016 in Xamarin.iOS

Hi guys and gals,

Please see the attached snippet from my Storyboard.

Essentially I wish to mimic a carousel and use the breadcrumbs at the bottom of each view to segue between views. However, the default Show segue transitions from bottom to top and I need to create Left/Right and Right/Left for the illusion of a carousel to work.

I looked at creating a custom TransitionManager class which inherits from UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning and implements the IUIViewControllerTransitioningDelegate as C# does not support multiple inheritance as Swift does :*

Is there a better way of doing this perhaps in a PrepareForSegue method? Problem is I cannot see any viable properties/methods in the UIStoryboardSegue class.

I have found many tutorials/examples of how to do this in Swift but again I am having trouble translating the Swift code to C#...

Any ideas on how to do this.

Many thanks,


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