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UrhoSharp 1.1.91 Released

EgorBoEgorBo BYXamarin Team ✭✭✭


[Core] Urho3D updated to 28ed7c1706542cc514eba9d447beb60aabb6cd9c (Jul 6, 2016)
[macOS] NSView as a custom surface
[Core] Add Material.FromColor
[Core] Add LogicComponent with all original events
[Core] Add ApplicationOptions.DelayedStart in order to be able to control update & render cycle via C#
[Core] Add FXAA2, FXAA3 and Blur post-process effects to CoreData, see CoreAssets.PostProcess class


[iOS] Logging doesn't work
[Core] Add various missing API (Image, Matrix3x4, etc)
[iOS, Android] Engine keeps calling Render() even after UrhoSurface.Pause()
[All] Various crash fixes and stability improvements

And let me share a simple but beautiful scene made with Blender and Urho:

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