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Convert tool office file to pdf?

Dear all,
Possible a tool/plugin to convert office file(word/excel) to PDF?
I make cross app (android/IOS) and need to show all type of files.
PDF maybe easy but office is hard.
Possible way to solve?


  • kentuckerkentucker USMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think you can use SyncFusions PdfIO library to do this

  • quantrinhquantrinh USMember

    Thanks so much.\
    I will try it.

  • agrazhevskajaagrazhevskaja Member ✭✭

    I would advice you to use Aspose.Words to convert DOC to PDF on Xamarin. And Aspose.Cells to convert XLSX to PDF.
    A small example to convert DOC to PDF:

    string fileName = @"test.doc";
    Document doc = new Document(fileName);
    doc.Save("test.pdf", SaveFormat.Pdf);

    Hope it helps. Otherwise, feel free to ask me.
    Note: I am working as Developer Evangelist at Aspose.

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