GTK# 2.12.22 download/install/fail/repeat

The automatic update in XS (using "Check for updates") for GTK# 2.12.22 loads, the updater tries to install it, but fails since restarting XS and "Check for updates" downloads GTK# 2.12.22 all over again.

Running "repair" for GTK# 2.12.22 from "Programs and Features" in Control Panel gets a message that the installer file can't be found.

Running Win7 64-bit, XS 4.0.12 (build 3), as administrator or not, no difference.

Any solution to this?


  • JohnGaltJohnGalt USMember

    Installer only runs for 1/2 second.... if I knew which install log to get and where to find it I would post it.

  • JohnGaltJohnGalt USMember

    Found the .msi file and ran it manually... GTK# 2.12.22 installed now.

    Would this be a bug in the updater?

  • mhutchmhutch USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Yes, a bug has been filed for this issue. We're not sure yet whether it's a bug in the updater or the installer.

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