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Is it worth going for Xamarin Certification?

I have more than 2+ years of experience in Xamarin, and have worked on 5 projects using Xamarin.
Is it useful to go for the Xamarin Certification, considering it would cost around 1995$ for the exam fee along with xamarin university subscription..?



  • SureshAnumoluSureshAnumolu USMember

    Hi, Is there any update on this?

  • AndreasReiffAndreasReiff DEUniversity ✭✭

    If you are actively using it, it may. After all, you do get amongst others, 8 x 30 min sessions with good developers, so you can ask any questions, e. g. about current projects.
    Some tutors are really good too, and you can learn new things, also related to C# development.
    As for whether you will earn more money or get more projects with a Xamarin Certification badge: I really cannot tell you. There probably is some difference, and from what I know about MS exams, you get something like1k-2k$/year more per exam title you hold. Though I only heard that.

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