Publish android application with separate apks in visual studio

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I'm trying to publish an Android application, with separate apks.

So I've checked the "Generate one package (.apk) per selected ABI" build option, before building (in release mode) and publishing the app (Tools->Android->Publish Android App).

Here is the result:

  • in the selected destination folder, only one apk is generated (containing all selected architectures) ; it's signed with my key and aligned ; but it's the same apk as when I uncheck "generate one package (.apk) per selected ABI".
  • in bin/release folder, separate apks are generated (which is good), but there are two versions, one unsigned and one signed with the debug key.

Why does "publish android app" do not generate separate apks, properly signed and aligned, in the selected destination folder ?

Thanks for your time,

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