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building and managing assets for multiple platforms

Does anyone have any good solutions or advice for building and managing assets across multiple platforms?

Here's my situation. I've written an OpelGL based game that runs on iOS and Android (and Mac and Windows, although those versions aren't published). The game has various assets like images for textures, sound files, and some custom data like files that specify the levels. The images and sound files are in platform specific format, which means I need to convert my source files to the platforms specific versions any time I update them.

Up to now I've been including all of these files in appropriate folders and marking them at Content/Android Content as appropriate so they end up in my final build. That's been working fine but become more and more difficult to manage as I keep adding more assets (and more platforms). For example, if I add 3 new images, which I recently did, I need to remember to manually add them to all 4 platforms, set the build actions appropriately, and ensure it all works.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a more general purpose system for this that automates it more. I have some ideas of how to do this, but would prefer not to roll my own if someone already has something working well.


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