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Crash reporting in Windows Store app (Xamarin C# and C++)

mauiaaronmauiaaron USMember ✭✭

I'd like to share a blog article my team wrote about our experience getting non-managed crash reporting working for our Windows Store app that uses both Xamarin and custom C++ code.

TL;DR: What we eventually discovered after failing to find a solution, was that Windows Store apps apparently get crash reporting of non-managed code "for free" at the present time! You can see all the native crashes in your Windows Developer console.

Before we realized this, we had looked around at various other crash reporting solutions for Windows Store apps, but found them all lacking when it came to reporting crashes in non-managed code.

  • Xamarin Insights did not report non-managed (C++) crashes (or it did not generate decent stacktraces for those crashes)
  • We tried to compile and use Google Breakpad, but this proved impossible because it uses forbidden Windows APIs. (In our experience Breakpad is quite decent on Android however).
  • We looked briefly at BugSplat, but like Breakpad, that uses APIs that are forbidden to Windows Store apps
  • Microsoft's own HockeyApp solution does not (yet) have an SDK available for Windows Store apps
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