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JasonJensenJasonJensen USUniversity

Does anyone know what software (this site) uses to power itself?

Cause it is very well polished and seems to work well. I'm envious. It is also well synergized. I bought the product and my account linked to my forum account, etc.




  • betimbetim ALMember, University ✭✭
  • JasonJensenJasonJensen USUniversity

    Well, that just makes me drool and doesn't answer the question.

    If says it is using APACHE and .NET. So.. it is probably using mono.

    Now I am really wanting to know what it is! I need it. Hopefully, it is not proprietary. But I am starting to guess that it is.

  • WhitneyLandWhitneyLand USMember

    If I had to guess it looks like

    Right click view source is your friend. :)

  • CheesebaronCheesebaron DKInsider, University mod

    Yes that is the forum software. However, the software on the main page is not that easily identifiable. It uses quite a large palette of different JavaScript projects. Like olark for chat, Munchkin for tracking, google ads and analytics, chartbeat They are using a Grid 960px template. They are most likely using some kind of CMS system, which one, hard to tell.

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