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Xamarin Apps requires more space then normal Android or iOS app.

VinirShahVinirShah USMember

Xamarin Apps requires more space then normal Android or iOS app

However hard you try a Xamarin app is larger and heavier than native one. In comparison to the native apps it stably occupies a few megabytes more than their Java/Objective-C analogues. Just as an example our development team shared the size of a Xamarin-coded app – 3 MB, meanwhile the same app on Objective-C will occupy only 172 KB.

My question is

For single app will occupy total 3 MB space on device, but In case of more then one application of Xamarin installed what will happen ? will it occupy the same 3MB space for each application or the common environment will be common for all app.

Query Example:

I have let's say i have develop 4 xamarin apps which size is 3MB, So when We install that 4 app on device, it will use 3MB*4Apps = 12 Mb total space on device


Xamarin runtime space will be common between all Xamarin applications in device, so 3MB for runtime and for other it will actual size of app (172kb) = 2.83MB + (172KB*3) = 3.56 MB (Total Space on Device).

Please anyone help me in this. Thanks in advance.


  • AdamPAdamP AUUniversity ✭✭✭✭✭

    @VinirShah - the runtime is only transferred for Xamarin.Android packages, though iOS and Android will both contain all the Mono and other DLL's as needed. They will always be transmitted with each download, hence it will be 3MB * 4 = 12Mbps on a device. Not that 12mbps would really be of much concern to any mobile device.

    Make sure you use Link All Assemblies (then extensively test your app) to get the smallest app size.

    iOS is using App Thinning now and you can upload separate packages for each architecture for Android. Android also has Instant Apps coming. Both will reduce the download amount of each app, only giving the necessary code for the mobile architecture needed, hence it may be smaller than the total size you upload.

    Though iOS does make your app size a little bigger with its DRM.

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