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iOS Text Sizes in Xamarin Forms suddenly appearing much larger

PatrickKellyPatrickKelly USUniversity ✭✭

In my project, all of a sudden all the text sizes are larger... Labels, inside of Listviews etc...
Even the Phone Time and Cellular Connection information at the top of the phone is now larger.
Is there something i could have inadvertently done to cause this to happen?
I'm not explicitly setting the font size in several of these cases.
And it's not the phone setting either, because my other Xamarin apps are not experiencing the same issue. And i've never touched them, especially on the simulator.

It happens for this one app in both the iOS simulator and a physical phone.

Anyone able to help? or point me in the direction of some things i should be checking?

Xamarin.Forms version =


  • PatrickKellyPatrickKelly USUniversity ✭✭

    bump, any ideas? on iOS still seeing the font sizes going larger for no apparent reason.

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