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How to display the (Xamarin.UITest) Test-cases' success or failure messages in TestCloud

Hi, I'm writing the xamarin.uitests for simple iOS Login app(it consists only 2 UITextFields and a UIButton). For this I'm writing these two Tests:
void myLogin(string userName, string password)
app.WaitForNoElement(c => c.Class("UITextField").Text("Uploading data..."), "Upload is taking too long", new TimeSpan(0, 0, 2, 0));
app.EnterText(c => c.Class("UITextField").Index(0), userName);
app.EnterText(c => c.Class("UITextField").Index(1), password);


                    public void ValidLogin()
                        myLogin("test user","password");
                        Console.WriteLine("Login Successfull");

                    public void InvalidLogin()
                        Console.WriteLine("shouldn't login");

I have uploaded into TestCloud, after running the Tests, when I click the ALL RESULTS in test cloud I want to display the TestMessages for each Test.
Could you please explain me how to do this ?
Please Suggest,
Thanks in advance.

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