iOS Designer - Is it possible to see rendered fonts?

mikeberlinmikeberlin USInsider, Beta, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭


I've started working with the alpha build and the iOS Designer. I'm wondering (and hoping) if there is a way to see custom fonts rendered in the Designer. I'm finding it very difficult to align my design with custom fonts without being able to see it.



  • AlanMcGovernAlanMcGovern USXamarin Team Xamurai

    This is not something we support just yet, but if you could provide us with a sample project featuring a custom font that would help us figure out what we need to do to provide this feature.

    If you could either file a bug on under the 'iOS Designer' component of 'Xamarin Studio' with a sample project, or just email it privately to [email protected] that would be great.

    If not, no worries. We will try to whip up a suitable sample and do what we can. We are tracking this feature request internally already.

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