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Is it possible to use Calabash on windows?

I'm not sure if this is an issue with a recent update to your gems or an windows 10 incompatibility or what, but I've just tried to follow the instructions for setting up Calabash in Windows with no success at all. I'm not a ruby expert so I'm using the install script (Ruby and the dev kit installed fine). I get this output:

Installing gems, this may take a little while...
Preparing sandbox...
The system cannot find the path specified.
The system cannot find the path specified.

Done! Installed:
Execute 'calabash-sandbox update' to check for gem updates.
Execute 'calabash-sandbox' to get started!

Even though the script doesn't find any version info to display, when I go into the sandbox and use 'gem list', I do see calabash-android and xamarin-test-cloud as installed. I drilled a little deeper, and found a bunch of absolute paths in the .bat files in .calabash\sandbox\Gems\bin. I changed them to point to the appropriate user folder but when I try 'calabash-sandbox update' now I get this:

calabash-android:   C:/Users/laver/.calabash/sandbox/Gems/bin/calabash-android:22:in `': undefined method `activate_bin_path' for Gem:Module (NoMethodError)
xamarin-test-cloud: C:/Users/laver/.calabash/sandbox/Gems/bin/test-cloud:22:in `': undefined method `activate_bin_path' for Gem:Module (NoMethodError)

It feels like I am headed down a rabbit hole here... anyone know what's going on?


  • The current Windows install has at least two issues.
    Step 1: edit C:\Users[your username].calabash\sandbox\Gems\bin\calabash-android.bat and test-cloud.bat and change the hardcoded "moody" into your username, adjust the rest of the path if necessary to find your profile.
    Step 2: Install a new version of Ruby Gems manually (gem update system fails for me and required a manual install). Follow the directions at for the Pre-Gem approach (download and unpack, run "ruby setup.rb")

    This gets me to the point where I can run "calabash-android version" and "test-cloud version"

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