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Unable to download Xamarin update

I have tried downloading the .msi update from the xamarin store but each and every single time, the download fails as the connection times out. Any suggestions? Updating via Visual Stdio as well is not at all successful as all I can see is "Download in progress" and no progress bar to indicate progress. I am using VS 2015 Professional Update 3.


  • SweeHengCheahSweeHengCheah USMember ✭✭

    I have the same problem. Whenever I launch a Xamarin project on Visual Studio, it will prompt me that a new version of Xamarin for Visual Studio is available, but each time I click on it, it won't update or download. I'm running Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Update 3. Xamarin is now useless for me... Sad!

  • Dear Swee Heng Cheah
    Run visual studio as administrator then tools then option and then to Xamarin and other then click check now and then download and install updates.

  • RodSanford.0240RodSanford.0240 USUniversity

    Don't do it!! I just downloaded it...and now my iOS projects won't load...I uninstalled Xamarin, reinstalled it and got my projects to load again...but when I re-upgraded to, I confirmed it blows up iOS projects...

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