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July 20 - Webinar: Telerik UI for Xamarin

JingletonJingleton DEForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Insider, University, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

Native iOS/Android/Windows apps from a single shared C# codebase?

Nope, not a dream but a reality with Xamarin.Forms. Use your .NET skills and complete native API access to build modern X-Platform mobile apps and explore the promise of Xamarin.Forms and take a peek into its latest features:

  • Xamarin.Forms in a nutshell
  • Platform native API access from shared C# code
  • Shared UI through C#/XAML
  • Built-in UI pages, layouts and controls
  • Real-time preview of UI markup inside IDE
  • Customizable themes

Your professional Xamarin.Forms app calling out for polished well-engineered UI? Talk about Telerik® UI for Xamarin by Progress – The UI controls & Getting Started experience. You get complex Charts, amazing ListViews and handy SideDrawers – out of the box. Want hard-hitting performant controls? Got you covered. Need productivity? Professional Xamarin.Forms UI controls deliver.

Wednesday, July 20th
11:00AM EST
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