Repeat XAML # of times of list of objects

EdJEdJ USMember

I'm new to Xamarin Forms. I'm looking at the Acquaintence example and was trying to figure out how to keep using declarative XAML and have the phone# and email addresses display any number of phone#s or email addresses. I've setup a nested ObservableCollection object in the Aquaintance object with a simple object that has the same string for email and another one for phone. The issue that I'm running into is that I'm confused as to how to have the phone# portion of the xaml repeat n # of times for the # of objects in the ObservableCollection of phone#s or email addresses. I don't want a scrolling area for the phone# or email address but just to continue to repeat the same markup and functionality for any number of phone#s or email addresses.

What control can I use for repeating xaml the # of times of objects in an ObservableCollection (0 or more) in a cross platform way?


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