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Android local storage for app is reset with each test execution

I'm setting up UI Test for the first time. I'm writing and running my tests from Visual Studio 2015. Every time a test runs (including executing 1 test, or running a suite a tests), the local storage (/data/data/ for my application is deleted. Is this by design?

We perform a somewhat length sync process when the application first runs, downloaded data from our API and storing it to a local sql lite database. What is happening, is that when each test runs that file (along with everything else) is getting deleted and the sync process has to run all over again. This takes up to 3 minutes sometimes, so every test we will write (except for testing invalid login credentials) will take at least 3 minutes to run.

We have a windows version of this application where we deploy a pre-populated database to help reduce the time it takes to sync when the app is first launched, but we have not ported this to our Android app yet.


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  • BernabeOviedoBernabeOviedo USMember ✭✭

    @AdamSalvo said:
    Finally found the setting for this! When you call StartApp, you can pass an AppDataMode enumeration to not clear the local file system.


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