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Test not appearing in Test Explorer after solution build

I have downloaded the Credit Card Validation (Droid) project zip from github.

It didn't contain any [Test] script. I just added as tutored in the guide Xamarin.UITest (C#) -> Working with ... -> Using the REPL.

But even after building the solution, this added Test is not shown in the Test Explorer. What could be the reason?


  • AdamPittawayAdamPittaway USMember

    I am also having this problem. Was anybody able to solve it?

    When i run all tests i get :

    ------ Discover test started ------
    NUnit Adapter Test discovery starting
    Assembly contains no NUnit 3.0 tests: C:\Users\ADAM.PITTAWAY\Downloads\CreditCardValidator.Droid\CreditCardValidator.Droid\CreditCardValidator.Droid.UITests\bin\Debug\CreditCardValidator.Droid.UITests.dll
    Assembly contains no NUnit 3.0 tests: C:\Users\ADAM.PITTAWAY\Downloads\CreditCardValidator.Droid\CreditCardValidator.Droid\CreditCardValidator.Droid\bin\Debug\CreditCardValidator.Droid.dll
    NUnit failed to load C:\Users\ADAM.PITTAWAY\Downloads\CreditCardValidator.Droid\CreditCardValidator.Droid\CreditCardValidator\bin\Debug\CreditCardValidator.dll
    NUnit Adapter Test discovery complete
    ========== Discover test finished: 0 found (0:00:00.0615146) ==========

  • AnthonyMehallelAnthonyMehallel USMember ✭✭✭

    Hi @AdamPittaway

    try with nunit 2.6.3

    Anthony M.

  • AdamPittawayAdamPittaway USMember

    Thank you

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