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Push notifications not working

I am following to implement push notifications in android. Everything was working fine and until today morning, I could see the notifications appearing. But now it doesn't seem to work. Can anyone help me with this issue?


  • HannesHasenauerHannesHasenauer ATMember

    As you did not specify any errors I can only tell you the problem I ran into from time to time.
    When redeploying the app the token got invalid from time to time.
    Requesting and using a new token solved the problem.
    If you have the same problem, your server application should tell you this via Exceptions.

    Cheers Hannes

  • charubansal.4229charubansal.4229 INMember
    edited June 2016

    Hey Hannes, initially I was getting the error that was not found. After fixing that somehow, I was able to see the push notifications today morning. After that, I couldn't run the app with the notification working, other functionality was working fine.
    I found this link after posting my issue here, and I'm stuck at point 5 of 'Test the app against published mobile service' section. I was initially following this tutorial, but nowhere it was mentioned that I should do so. Also, some steps in the first link were missing in the second one.
    So, shall I follow the first one only, and make all the required changes or is there a way to sort this out. Thanks for reverting, though. !!

  • Apologies for inconvenience, when I deployed the app on my phone, then push notification seemed to work, much to my surprise. But still, it wouldn't work on the emulator. I have Marshmallow on my phone. Also, I ran it on a Kitkat phone, it ran successfully, but I still cannot figure out the problem when running on the emulator.

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