Add-In with FileTemplate

I'm trying to write my own add-in to xamarin studio (on OS-X) with file template, but the template don't show on list.

I create TemplateFile in Templates Folder "Templ.xft.xml":
<Template Originator="Author Name" Language="Text" Created="11/07/2015" LastModified="11/07/2015"> <TemplateConfiguration> <_Name>Example Template</_Name> <Icon>md-text-file-icon</Icon> <_Category>Misc</_Category> <_Description>Creates an example template.</_Description> <DefaultFilename>Example</DefaultFilename> </TemplateConfiguration> <TemplateFiles> <ProjectResource> <File name="${Name}.example"> </File> </ProjectResource> </TemplateFiles> <FileOptions/> </Template>

File have build action "non" and have selected "copy to output directory".

In my Manifest.addin.xml:

    <Import file="Templates/Templ.xft.xml"/>

<Extension path = "/MonoDevelop/Ide/FileTemplates">
    <FileTemplate id   = "MvvmTemplExample"
                  file = "Templates/Templ.xft.xml"/>

And I have no error in Application Output.
What is wrong?


  • DanielKokDanielKok NLUniversity

    Did you ever find a solution for this? I am running into exactly this problem.

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