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some nagging

HamidGamaniHamidGamani USMember
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first of all I want to thanks to xamarin developers for this big movement in C# Programming provide us ability to write native code for mobile devices
but unfortunately after weeks work on xamarin I am disappointed
sometimes ago I decided to write some android app so I Download Android Studio and I could write Simple program for step by step learning java and android
but in xamarin I faced many problem that about two weeks i was struggling with
first of all xamarin installation always has failed during setup every time I retry xamarin start download from beginning and download about 2 Gig for visual studio
after very much I try I ended up manual setup xamarin so I follow instruction and install all things step by step after all done visual studio can create Android project
but now new problems begin. I Installed android api from sdk manager but xamarin dont detect that because it go search on user data folder instead of android sdk folder on program files(x86) .I set android sdk path on xamarin setting again and again with restart visual studio, restart windows without luck
so I copy android sdk to folder that xamarin insist to load file from
after that I began to develop app so I Add Appcompat from package manager to project and add some style and add parent android:Theme.Material.Light to style errors begins. vs cant resolve material themes , I also download Toolbarv7 material design example from xamarin but this project fails too.
about two weeks I searched internet to solve this issues but having no luck
some say you must reinstall xamarin some say corrupt package but I tried all solution nothings work.
I also install xamarin studio but same issue happened
at last I am disappointed
I only wanted to have suggestion for xamarin developers to make easy for users to install and use this very useful and good product you created
and Solve users problems

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