How to deploy a Xamarin.Forms iOS application to iPhone/iPad ?

Hello ,

I have an Xamarin.Forms application and for now I tested my application on iPhone Simulator (I am using Parallels Desktop on MAC using Visual Studio 2015)

Now I need to send my application to device.

Is there any way to do that from Windows 10 / Visual Studio 2015 BTW (Parallels Desktop)

If I cant do that from Visual Studio how can i deploy my application ?

Links & Useful answers would help.

Thank you for your help !


  • JefersonKalLynsJefersonKalLyns BRMember ✭✭

    Hey @SercanDumansiz,

    Have you tried to do this via a virtual machine?

    As Xamarin Forms builds applications natively, it must have installed each native platform. For Windows Phone, we have Windows prontinho. In the case of Android, install the SDK packages. But in the case of iOS, you must have a Mac. I also need to build my applications for iPhone and do not own a Mac! I need to test using a virtual machine, but it's only a theory, I do not know if it will work.

    If you are willing to do this, get an ISO Mac Yosemite (or higher) and make the connection to your Visual Studio on Windows 10.

    Achieving a physical Mac, just following documentation:

  • MuhammadUsman.2067MuhammadUsman.2067 USMember ✭✭

    is there any solution for this problem.
    i am also having problem like @SercanDumansiz

  • gurvinder94gurvinder94 INMember


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