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Uri cant open Webspace url

lukasrein97lukasrein97 USMember ✭✭✭


i have a problem it seems that my WebClient cant open my php file:

You can test it out this php file print a "Nein".

But my Webclient cant open it i guess.
I think its because the uri:
I think the Webclient need something like that:
I mean the IP Address.

So my Question is how can in use this link in my Android WebClient?

Here is my Webclient:

     `   private static string urlAdress = "";`

                    `//Upload Name zu Php
                    client = new WebClient();
                    uri = new Uri(urlAdress);
                    //GutscheinAktivitäten Liste Downloaden
                    client.DownloadDataCompleted += client_DownloadDataCompleted;`

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