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Adding GoogleMaps to a fragment

I am trying to add a Google Maps fragment to an app with 3 tabs at the top.

To start off:
I created a blank app and used

        android:name="" />

I called the following code:

        private void SetUpMap()
            if (mMap == null)

And it worked like a charm!

It did everything I wanted it to. So I figured I would do more with it and have tried to add it to a more advanced app - -I am following this tutorial:

The source code works and the app looks like this:

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In Fragment 3 I would like to put my map but am having some issues. It works fine (for a bit) and I can click on Fragment 3 and my map shows up... but if I click out of that fragment and then try to get back into it - it throws an inflate error at the inflater.Inflate line

MainActivity - Tab adapter class:

I am just learning to use Xamarin and I'm wondering if someone can point me in the correct direction on where I should set up my map and if I leave the fragment 3 tab and come back to it how do I keep it from recreating the map?

Any advice on anything else would be appreciated as well.


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