Xamarin.iOS app unable to deploy on iphone6s device

I've been trying to follow the guide to deploy an app from visual studio to an iphone using free provisioning.

Steps -

  1. Connect to Mac agent in Visual Studio 2015.[Success]
  2. Create a demo app in Xcode with the exactly the same bundling name as the app I want to actually deploy.[Success]
  3. Create a provisioning profile in Xcode for that demo app.(Using "fix issue").[Success]
  4. Building the project in Visual Studio but it only runs if I select an emulator. It does not push to the device. [Fail]
  5. I also tried making the same project (same bundling name) in Xamarin Studio in MAC. It builds successfully. But the same problem remains, it does not deploy to the actual device itself, only works if I select an emulator.[Fail]

The demo app I created(for free provisioning) gets successfully pushed to the device.

Am I missing an obvious step here?

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