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Different Between Window and View


Hi Everybody,
I am really new from Xamarin.Mac platform,

I have a little question,

What is different between "View" and" Window"? or "ViewController" and "WindowController"?

I know that on ios , it usually only have one window and lots of view,

However , in mac osx , when i want to write a app, i dont know how should i choose , since when i put a view or window on storyboard, and display it,

they all display like a window,





  • DaveHuntDaveHunt USMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    @BOWEN said:

    What is different between "View" and" Window"? or "ViewController" and "WindowController"?

    See Model-View-Controller for a definitive discussion.

    In genera,l a window provides an area in which views and controls can be placed and managed and accept and respond to events. A WindowController (as its name implies) controls a window. A ViewController (as its name also implies) controls a view that is contained in a window or another view. Controller objects act as intermediaries between models and their views/windows. That's the (very simplified) MVC pattern.


    Thank you @DaveHunt,

    That's helpful.

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