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Updating to latest stable release means iOS and Droid projects no longer load in VS2013 & VS2015

NMackayNMackay GBInsider, University admin
edited June 2016 in Visual Studio

Has anyone else had this issue? had to role back to May's stable release which causes issues with the iOS build host.

Would seem a breaking change to me.


  • BrendanZagaeskiBrendanZagaeski USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    The following VS extension has been reported by some users to help with similar issues:

    For the description "no longer load", one common specific error message that users sometimes report in association with that behavior is "The project type is not supported by this installation", which generally means that the Xamarin extensions also won't appear as expected under Help > About Microsoft Visual Studio, and the Tools > Options > Xamarin dialogs might be missing or nonfunctional too.

  • NMackayNMackay GBInsider, University admin


    Thanks for responding.

    I'll test and get back, it's not great though!! Disappointing these issues are still happening.

  • NMackayNMackay GBInsider, University admin


    That extension is not available for 2013 which is my current build environment, I'm moving to 2013 but not until this development cycle we're in finishes. I'll open a support ticket as we seem to be regressing to mid 2015 when new stable builds broke everything :neutral:

  • BrendanZagaeskiBrendanZagaeski USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    You can manually delete the component model cache. The extension is just a tiny little helper utility. From the description of the extension:

    The Visual Studio component cache is located at %localappdata%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\14.0\ComponentModelCache. This extension makes it easy to delete that folder so you don't have to remember the location of the cache directory.

    In case that doesn't resolve the issue, you can take a look at another possible set of troubleshooting steps that might help:

    Ultimately the particular steps to resolve the issue will likely correspond to some particular symptoms and error messages.

  • NMackayNMackay GBInsider, University admin


    Thanks for your assistance. Got there in the end by following those steps and the kb article below. Connecting to the mac build host via VS2013 wasn't possible but I could sign in using VS2015 and then VS2013 connected ok.

    I think part of the issue was the Visual Studio installs were doing under the admin profile and Xamarin was installed under my domain roaming profile. As the machine was a Win10 restore the settings for VS2013 were hanging about.

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