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Native linking fails but only for 'release' configuration.

Joost.5777Joost.5777 USUniversity

My project includes an in-house developed native library that works fine for the 'debug' configuration but fails with MT5211 errors when built for the 'release' configuration. I have verified both configurations are exactly the same and tried the options listed on the troubleshooting page at: Nothing seems to help. I have also verified all necessary architectures are present in the lib and that it runs properly on a device. The bindings were generated with objective sharpie.

An example of what the build outputs when the configuration is set for release:

/Users/username/Projects/app/TheNameOfMyProject/iOS/MTOUCH: Error MT5211: Native linking failed, undefined Objective-C class:       TheNameOfMyClass. 
The symbol '_OBJC_CLASS_$_TheNameOfMyClass' could not be found in any of the libraries or frameworks linked with your application. (MT5211) (TheNameOfMyProject.iOS)

What am I missing that could prevent proper linking of the lib in my release config?

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