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How to connect to Xamarin Mac Agent using msbuild without having password in arguments?

JannikLindJannikLind USUniversity ✭✭


I have managed to get TFS CI builds to work for WindowsPhone and Android on a Windows server, this works fine. I also need to build iOS, hence I have a Mac agent that I would like to connect to. I open Visual Studio and successfully pair with the Mac agent using the new ssh remote login way, I can even build directly from this Visual Studio and see an IPA file being generated on the Mac. However when the build is initiated by TFS, i.e. by MSBUILD it fails to connect to the Mac. - I managed to make it connect by providing the following as MSBUILD arguments "/p:ServerAddress= /p:ServerUser=MyUsername123 /p:ServerPassword=MyPassword123" however I would really like it to connect without having the password as plaintext in the build definition.

Any suggestions?

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