How to connect from xamarin to webservice?

MaxNunezMaxNunez CRMember ✭✭

I'm trying to connect from Xamarin to a web service and for this reason I downloaded your example called Call a REST Web Service but it doesn't works correctly. Doesn't appears nothing when I run the application. The following image shows the error that appears when I'm debugging it.

I would like to know the steps about how to set a connection with a web service.
I know that there is a lot ways to do it. I'm interested in the way easier to get it.

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  • MaxNunezMaxNunez CRMember ✭✭

    It's OK. I will try to update that code.
    On the other hand Do you Know other way easier to connect a web service ?

    I need to prove a way to connect with any web service.

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