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iOS OnResume "splash" screen

TopherJohnsonTopherJohnson USMember ✭✭
edited June 2016 in Xamarin.Forms

In my app, when the user resumes the app I'm trying to block user interaction until the app has successfully connected to an API. (If it can't connect, it returns user to a log in screen).

In the OnResume method, I store the current MainPage, and change the MainPage to a "splash" screen to block the UI. Once the API call succeeds, I switch the MainPage back to where the user was.

The problem is there is a slight flash of the suspended app's screenshot (I'm not sure what this is exactly called, but when you double tap the home button, and you see screenshots of your running apps, that screen).

When the app starts, this suspended screenshot flickers first, then my "splash" screen appears. This is an undesirable visual.

I can change the MainPage to the "splash" screen in the OnSleep() method instead, which eliminates the flicker, but then the suspended screenshot is of the "splash" screen, and not of the user's last page.

Ideally, I'd like the suspended screenshot to be the users last page, and have the first image to load be my splash page when the app resumes. Is this possible?

EDIT: This does not seem to be a problem in Android, I don't get the flicker, and the intended screenshot is displaying in the "running apps" list.

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