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Geolocation Restrictions on Test cloud

Our application has geolocation restrictions in place so users in certain geographical locations are prevented from login to the app.

Our iOS application uses the new Xamarin.Geolocation.Geolocator () to get the geolocation.

After that we use the following to get the country name:
CLLocation location = new CLLocation (Commons.Instance.Geolocation.Latitude, Commons.Instance.Geolocation.Longitude);
CLGeocoder geocoder = new CLGeocoder ();
var placemarks = await geocoder.ReverseGeocodeLocationAsync(location);

On the login process we receive a location not enabled error and Test Cloud fails to login.

All works locally on our emulators and devices however not on Test Cloud.

I would like to understand how the devices on Test Cloud are configured with Geolocation.

1- Are the devices physically located in a geographical location i.e. USA and would the devices then pickup that location as their current location
2- Can we set a location to test applications for various locations.
3- is there any way to get around this so a valid country will be returned.


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