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I submitted a component about two weeks ago and I am still waiting for approval. Whats wrong?
Moreover I have not been able to pick a price, it is listed for $1 in "My Components" which is wrong, obviously.


  • KevinMullinsKevinMullins USMember, Beta ✭✭


    Xamarin does a thorough review of every component submitted and as such it can take quite some time before it reaches the release state. We have four components in the store with a few more waiting in the wings... So I know how tough it can be to just be patient.

    I do think Xamarin is adding more people to the staff that reviews components so the wait times should be decreasing... but Xamarin would be way better equipped to answer that question than me :)

    About the $1 price... when your component is approved and ready to be released you'll be contacted by the Xamarin Component Store team and they'll ask you for the pricing table you want to setup. The $1 is nothing but a placeholder to let you know the component will be for sale.

    Hope that helps!


  • ZacharyGramanaZacharyGramana USMember Xamurai

    @fndesigns, @kmullins pretty much covered the bases there. Sorry about the delay as we bring additional help online. Before your component is approved, the reviewer will be contacting you to find out your desired price.

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