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CI Executing Tests in Xamarin Cloud

Hi all, I used to be an active member of Xamarin community and Calabash code group, many moons ago.
I have started a new project and we have a native iOS app, I would like to be able to run a bash command to tell the Xamarin cloud to run the tests for an already uploaded ipa file.
At the moment, i can run:
test-cloud submit .ipaFile SomeKey --devices DeviceKeys --series "master" --locale "en_GB" --user [email protected]
But this means I have to upload an ipa file every time.
I have a scenario where an api may have changed and I would like to run our current version of the app with our Calabash tests against an environment to ensure that the app is unaffected(without uploading a new ipa file).

I hope that makes sense.

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