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Amazon Cognito User Pool

NiGoeaNiGoea ITMember

Hello :)

we're making a cross platfrom app (Xamarin iOS+Android) that is going to have its own simple user registration and database. We are trying to use Amazon AWS Cognito. As far as I understood, Cognito offers two options:
1- user pool, to have your own user database
2- idendity pool, to let users log in via other providers (es: Facebook, Google, ...)

We would like to use the (1) choice. But it seems to me that the SDK is only available for the identity pool, which is something we are not interested in.

Do you know about this?

How can I achieve Cognito for a standard and simple user registration + user login?

thank you all,
good day


  • batmacibatmaci DEMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    Did you find any solution for it? I am also looking for that. it is totally annoying how poorly amazon documented things.

  • DeepSinha.1327DeepSinha.1327 USUniversity

    did you guys find any solution regarding same problem?

  • NiGoeaNiGoea ITMember

    Actually I built my own user manager using S3 and DynamoDB.

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