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Best way to start Xamarin

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I'm very excited to be one of the Xamarin Community, even if I'm still a beginner.

I'm web developper for around 6 years, and recently I wanted starting mobile development, I started learning Android dev (Java), but I saw that with Xamarin, I can build apps for all mobile plateforms, so why I limit myself to Android only :)

I installed visual studio 2015 with Xamarin, and I learned c# (basic usage, console, oop...), and now I don't know what is next steps.
I have actually some courses/tutorials and I don't know which one to start: "c# WPF", "c# Winforms", "Build windows phone 8 apps"

Which one you recommand me, or if you have better one? Also if you have some usefull websites to learn C# and Xamarin, it will be good. My actual courses are from (openclassrooms, a french plateform)

Thank you for helping.


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