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Cool demo of CarouselView with "pseudo" sliding tabs strip at top and toolbar at bottom.

I had an old MvvmCross application for Android and iOS that used UIPageViewController for iOS and ViewPager for Android. It had a toolbar at the bottom with Back/Next buttons where the visibility of the Back/Next buttons were determined by what page the user was looking at. For example, while looking at the first page, the Back button should be invisible.

Also, for Android, I used the SlidingTabStrip control to show the names of each page and highlight the current page being viewed. The user could then scroll the tabs and select any page and that page would become the current page. The SlidingTabStrip control would stay in sync with the pages as the user would swipe through them.

Anyway, I was able to reproduce this functionality in XF using the new CarouselView and thought everybody might want to take a look.


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