why storyboard does not render (or refresh) custom control ?

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edited June 2016 in Visual Studio

I have installed latest release:
1. Xamarin for Visual Studio 2015 (enterprice, update 2),
2. Xamarin iOS on both Windows and Mac build host,
3. Mac has latest XCode.

It has no problem to build and run app. However, I find that Stroyboard does not render or refresh custom control.

I following the tutorial from Xamarin document to create custom control

However, after I complete code, and open the storyboard, I set custom class to my custom class, but the custom property is not displayed in property panel.

I have tried following method:
1. reopen storyboard,
2. restart VS2015
3. restart computer
4, clean and rebuild.

none of them or combination of them solve this issue.

My questions:
1. Does storyboard cached the custom control or what is the possible reason make it not render latest change of custom control class ?
2. How does Xamarin storyboard work, does it remote XCode storyboard or it is build from ground ?

Edit: I have already tried the some thing on Mac with Xarmarin Studio, it has same problem.


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